Galeria Pelaires
I am very happy about your visit today.
The realisation of this series of images has been on my mind for many years now, now the time seems right to come up with a new approach.


After researching the islands of the mediterranean sea, Mallorca seemed to offer the geatest variety of cultural and natural environment for this project. Arabs, Romans, Catalans & the spanish kingdom have manifested their traces through the island. Ancient places and old traditions embeded in beautiful and breath-taking natural surroundings while still offering great infrastructure.

Access to setdesigners and actors from theater & opera houses as well as cameras, assistents, lighting, transports & storage.

Arriving on the island I could instantly feel that here things can fall into place.


Up to 30 images in all kinds of variations, from portrait ot full landscape could be realised.

Related Topics:

+ Climate Change
+ Migration
+ Pollution
+ Humanity
+ Abundance of Industry

As a kid i loved to look at the artworks of Rubens and Michelangelo. Standing in front and dropping into a world with so many stories and meanings was breathtaking for me.

Today i see this sizes of images in photography for the first time available. On one hand regarding image resolution of cameras and on the other hand in large format art prints.

Possible image sizes up to 4 x 6m