The intention has never been to make art.

It desires a lot of Love - now maybe more than ever.

There is a certain energy that asks for movement, the deep inside desire to create, to fail and grow. It feels exciting to go for it, no left and right, just the drive to fulfill.

Hunger, Love, Grief, whatever drives you.

Carrying a vision wanting it to become true always felt exciting - a truly wonderful state to be in. Point of reference is life itself, nature, humankind, my entire little world


It is about the process -
Dreaming & Doing

To make things happen, to go further.

 It never felt wrong to walk the extra mile. A wider horizon might be the gift for those who need to know.

And later when you look at it, it might make you smile, great times we had trying as hard as we can.



Inspiration might be our greatest value to share


It is a beautiful transfer when it happens, no matter where or how, it flows through you. A mix of enthusiasm and fortune.

The images simply shows my relations to everything that surrounds me and how much I am in love with the beauty of life but also how much I respect the dark aspects.