“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”


Theatrical, whimsical and surreal, Jiro Shimizu´s cinematic captures are a step into a world that lies between dreams, fairytales and storytelling. In his quest to build a visual narrative, Jiro explores the underlying theme of displacement; whether it´s through time, in context, via social norms or from logic. He plays with the idea of taking elements out of their usual environment, and brings them together into a new framework.

Amongst a scope of unconventionality, Jiro embeds hidden details to provoke thought and start conversation. Full of energy, irony and ambience, every image is a journey through mind and matter, prompting curiosity and extensive observation. With every detail comes an invitation to travel beyond logic and reason, sparking the imagination to new realms of peculiarity and perception.


It is about the process -
Dreaming & Doing

To make things happen, to go further.

Once individuals begin to realise every scene is a real life construction of location, objects and beings, the mind opens to an array of questions and realisations.

An extensive engineering process lies in the foundation of each capture. Atmospheric and full of thought, every set up is carefully considered and constructed with meticulous preparation and planning.

From location finding, prop sourcing, model casting to costume design and lighting, these core elements are tweaked like an orchestra on stage.

This combined process of set design, image capture, storytelling and debate blur the lines between art and photography with Jiro´s unique and unpredictable style.


Inspiration might be our greatest gift to share

The guiding inspiration behind Jiro´s work is playing with the idea of possibility – in his visual world, anything can happen. There is no limit as to how these images can be deciphered, except by the wildness of your imagination.

When you stand in front of them, you become an observer, not a viewer. There are details to find, clues to unfold and ideas to play with.

The interpretations of the images are boundless, inviting people to break their boundaries of common perception and enjoy their thoughts and inspiration.